Samosa are back!

I’ve always enjoyed making food from scratch. Like our Punjabi Veg Samosa, constructed with a fresh dough rolled as thinly as possible, then stuffed with potato, fresh curry leaves, fresh coriander, dried mango, and a freshly made Punjabi masala.

But that dough, it was too time consuming, and fiddly. And as Chaat Man has got busier, I’ve lost the precious time needed to make them.

So I’ve succumbed to the pre-made wraps everyone else uses. Samosa are back on the menu, and at the time of typing they come in three delicious fillings, Punjabi Veg Samosa (VEG), Caramelised Onion & Paneer (VEG), and Lamb Keema. Unfortunately the wraps contain milk, so our veg options are no longer suitable for vegans.

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